When thinking about data centers, the options can be overwhelming. A data center is a building that provides cooling, power and space for your network infrastructure. Different types of data centers provide different security and reliability depending on the company’s needs.

 What is a Hyperscale Data Center?

The term hyperscale automatically makes us think of something enormous. In the data center world, hyperscale means less space but more equipment. Hyperscale data centers offer robust, scalable applications and storage portfolio of services. Although operated by large service providers, hyperscale is less about the size and more about scalability. What kind of companies operate hyperscale data centers? Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Facebook, to name a few.


  • Maximizes cooling efficiency – One of the largest operational expenses a data center faces is the cost of cooling and maintaining the temperature in the facility.  In a hyperscale facility, airflow is optimized throughout the structure.
  • Workload is balanced across servers – To avoid servers from overheating, workloads throughout the servers are distributed evenly. This prevents one server from doing all the work, which could lead to immense amounts of heat.
  • Less Staff – Due to the technology in hyperscale data centers being mostly automated, it takes fewer tech experts to manage the facility.


  • Not ideal for small companies – Hyperscale data centers usually have over 5,000 servers and take up about 10,000 square feet. It is unlikely that a small business will need that many servers and that much space to operate.
  • Owned and operated by the company- Hyperscale data centers are owned and operated by the company it supports. This is not the right fit for a company that does not have the bandwidth to manage its own data center.
  • Power Demands – Although Hyperscale Data Centers are extremely efficient in terms of energy use, the size of the facility places immense power demands on global energy. 

 Some of the biggest companies in the world use hyperscale data centers. What is right for other businesses may not be right for yours. Choosing the right colocation partner is the best option for expert staff to help identify your deployment needs. Off-site colocation allows you to focus on your business and revenue instead of worrying about your data center. Searching for the right colocation facility can be one of the best and smartest investments a company can make. Check out 165 Halsey for the next step in colocation.