Connectivity Solutions For Your Business

165 Halsey Street connectivity solutions give our customers a robust and diverse network while maintaining convenient, safe, and affordable interconnectivity. Our data center/colocation/telecom carrier hotel has no MRC cross connect fees and offers direct access to over 60 networks.

As data demands continue to increase, cross connect data centers like 165 Halsey Street have become the go-to solution for improving connectivity, reducing latency, and giving businesses more flexibility and better options. In addition to cross connects, our facility provides low-latency connections to organizations.

For cross connections, the 165 Halsey Street data center offers both fiber and copper cables. The 165 Halsey Team are experts when it comes to cable options and connectivity solutions. If you have any questions about copper or fiber cross connects, we are here to answer your questions.

At our telecom carrier hotel, we can help reduce your network costs through a meet-me room (MMR). A MMR is a gateway to the internet, ensuring a reliable and cost-effective connection between building tenants. Tenants can be ISPs, cable companies, or local exchange companies. As a carrier-neutral data center, 165 Halsey Street offers a wide selection of network providers for tenants to choose from. Having more options for providers improves overall redundancy, flexibility, and optimizes connections.

Our connectivity solutions and the 165 Halsey Street team are here to grow with your business…whatever your business may be.

Connectivity Solutions That Fit Your Needs

SM Fiber Cross Connect

  • Routed through 165 Halsey Street centralized cross connect location or “Meet Me Point.”
  • Cross connects are a $500 non recurring charge after capacity is installed.
  • NO monthly recurring charge for cross connects.

MMR Request Form: SM Fiber Cross Connect

SMF Cross Connect Disconnect

  • All SMF fiber disconnects must be ordered by the customer who originally ordered the cross connect.
  • The Meet Me Room requires the signal to be turned down in one direction before the fibers will be disconnected.

MMR Request Form: SM Fiber Cross Connect Disconnect

Meet Me Point Capacity

  • Capacity to centralized cross connect location must be installed before cross connects can be completed.
  • The build is at the customer’s cost.
  • Customer will be sent a quote from Century Electric once information is complete
  • Customer’s responsibility to provide Century Electric with a Purchase Order or alternate means to initiate work.

MMR Request Form: Meet Me Point Capacity

Copper Cross Connect

  • All copper and multimode fiber cross connects are installed in point to point scenario.
  • Each cross connect is a $750 non recurring charge payable to Century Electric.
  • Century will plug these circuits in if port info is accurate and unoccupied.
  • Orders complete in 72 hours.
  • NO monthly recurring charges.

MMR Request Form: Copper or MM Fiber Cross Connect

Any questions regarding 165 Halsey Street cross connects, disconnects, or Meet Me Point capacity, please contact our Meet Me Room Operations Office.

Why 165 Halsey Street?

At 165 Halsey Street, we have over 1,650 available cabinets with over 110,000SF of additional space. Our carrier neutral facility also has 23.5MW of power available with a total capacity of 82MW.

  • Carrier Neutral with 60+ networks
  • No MRC cross connect fees
  • 1,650+ cabinets available
  • 360,000 SF building owned and operated first-class colocation space and over 110,000SF of additional space
  • 23.5MW of power available. Additional power needs to be addressed as needed
  • A dedicated 1.2Msf data center/colocation/telecom carrier hotel
  • Customers include 20+ Fortune 500 Companies
  • Colocation Request Forms
  • Remote Hands