A new world of artificial intelligence at the touch of our fingertips

Are you feeling the impact of AI on the data center industry? We know we are! Already in use for several years now, AI technology is used to manage and optimize data center operations. It’s hard to imagine the use cases for AI in data centers are at the beginning stages, but the potential is limitless. Today we’ll cover three main areas we anticipate seeing the highest traction in the coming years. 

  1. Automation
  2. Security
  3. Data Analysis 

Let’s dig in!


Data center operators must have a clear understanding of their data centers to ensure they function optimally. Having the ability to automate certain tasks not only frees up other staff members, but it improves the overall efficiency of the facility. What’s more, AI can monitor system performance, automate software updates, manage system backups, and more. In fact, according to Gartner, it’s predicted that in just two years, cloud data centers could deploy AI-equipped robots to achieve 30% more efficiency in their operations. 


Arguably, the most crucial use case for AI-infused data center security is its ability to detect and prevent significant real-time threats by identifying a series of anomalies and patterns. To accomplish this task with accuracy and precision, the tool must have access to observe and analyze normal behavior in order to assess what an abnormal pattern may look like. With the support and assistance from zero-trust policies (check out our recent blog featuring zero-trust), advanced cybersecurity tools can screen through incoming and outgoing data instantly. 

Data Analysis

Lastly, monitoring and analyzing data is at the heart of AI-related data center operations. Although this technology has been in deployment for years, new developments are occurring each day that will impact operations for the better. There was a strong sense of urgency to embrace this technology at the beginning of the pandemic. Data centers that were originally opposed to the idea felt the need to explore these options as the world faced so much uncertainty. Advanced data analysis has been in constant evolution since. AI professional, Joaquín Rodríguez Antibón of TycheTools tells Data Center Dynamics, “Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools maximize the visibility of the operation in the environment of technical rooms and data centers, ultimately facilitating better decision making and automation. By placing data analytics at the heart of operations, ML & AI deliver energy savings, increased robustness, and operational efficiency.” 

Undeniably, AI continues to transform life as we know it. As our digital infrastructure needs change, advanced AI algorithms boasting enhanced automation, sophisticated analytics, and better predictive security will come with it. What do you hope to see come out of AI algorithm advancements? Stay updated with us: follow 165 Halsey Street on LinkedIn and Twitter.