What You Can Do Today To Make a Positive Impact on Supporting Women in Tech, Plus Crucial Resources

When one of our recent polls showed our audience is interested in hearing more about Women in Tech, we knew we had a blog-worthy opportunity. Some of the statistics we share here may or may not surprise you, but what you’ll learn in the next five minutes is invaluable

The Uptime Institute tells us that by 2025, the amount of staffing needed to run data centers worldwide will grow to need 2.3 million people. With the Age of Resignation among us and staff members retiring by the day, who will fill these roles? We hope the answer is an influx of women. If you’re asking why…the numbers speak for themselves.

We see a recurring theme that the data center workforce is comprised of a mere 10 percent women or even less. Studies show that, “Even though half the workforce is female, they comprise less than a quarter of the employees in technical positions at big tech companies: Microsoft – 23%, Google – 25%,  Apple – 24%, Facebook  – 24%.” And when it comes to leadership positions within these organizations the percentages are even less. 

Furthermore, progress in this arena could be faster. We believe success starts by inspiring young women. The difficulty is not in sparking an initial interest in this field, but rather in sustaining said interest and not letting it slip through the cracks for a lack of education or resources. As these young women approach high school graduation and begin thinking about their paths for the future, it’s well within our realm to be a part of the change. Yes, you alone can make an impact. 

How Do We Make a Change?

There are a lot of organizations that support Women in STEM. If you’re dipping your toes into this topic, start with getting educated. Register for updates with the Girls in Data Mission to “connect young women with accessible and positive role models.”

If you’re ready to jump right in, let’s introduce you to becoming a mentor with the Women in Stem Mentorship Program. This is a fully remote program with only a 1 hour per month time commitment. Imagine inspiring and supporting a young woman in her decision to join our incredible industry. Now that’s life-changing! 

Make the First Step and Show Support Now: 

Dec 1st, 2022: Mark your calendars and register here for Northwestern Mutual’s Women in Tech free Virtual Conference. With over 90 speakers representing over 40 organizations, this event is the epitome of joining forces, sharing knowledge, and supporting women in digital infrastructure and beyond. 

Additional Resources:

Moreover, we thank Data Center Dynamics for inspiring us. This year, Data Center Dynamics’ Training Division DCPro offered free access to a DCT Certification to become a Data Center Technician. This course consists of a 56 hour e-learning program and results in an invaluable credential. The DCT Certification course was open to all interested women and offered in honor of International Women’s Day 2022. Although this program is now fully enrolled for the year, we fully support this initiative and hope they offer this incredible opportunity for another round of learning next year (or sooner!)

Be sure to check out Women in Data and Women in STEM for additional resources. 165 Halsey Street is a proud supporter of Women in STEM. If you’re interested in colocating with an organization that supports these initiatives or in an opportunity to join our team, please contact us here