Ensuring Data Center Success and Reliability with an Uninterrupted Power Supply 

Data centers are the backbone of modern technological infrastructure, and rightfully so, as they power our digital world. For someone outside of the realm of colocation, one may not realize just how much goes into ensuring these data centers run not only efficiently, but with an uninterrupted supply of power. If power happens to fail during a natural disaster or unforeseen circumstance, your colo provider must seamlessly transition to a backup power system to ensure operations don’t skip a beat. 

Although having a full basement for fuel tanks and storage isn’t uncommon, when designed with the customer in mind, it’s a unique feature you should look for when determining where you want to store your mission-critical assets. In this blog, we’ll explore how our specially configured basement proves valuable to customers. 

Safeguarding Operations: The Critical Importance of Backup Power

Reliability and resilience are key when it comes to a data center’s uninterrupted supply of power. A full basement for backup power plays a critical role in maintaining continuous operations and ensuring the uptime your organization needs and deserves to have without worry. Generators and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) are crucial safeguards to keep operations running smoothly, allowing your colocation provider to maintain data integrity and minimize downtime. 165 Halsey Street believes in investing in robust backup power infrastructure to ensure the continuity of our operations. 

Extending Power Duration: Leveraging a Full Basement for Fuel Tanks

When unanticipated power disruptions take place due to severe weather alerts, data centers can sustain backup power systems for an even longer period of time by increasing fuel storage capacity. Designated spaces to house these larger fuel tanks enable data centers to store the fuel onsite, thereby increasing reliability and protecting against financial losses that could result from downtime. 165 Halsey Street has a strong history as a reliable partner for businesses in finance, healthcare, technology, government, medical, and many Fortune 500 companies. 

The combination of ample fuel storage and a reliable source of backup power in a dedicated basement guarantees reliability in even the most challenging of circumstances. Clients and stakeholders can trust in the data center’s resilience, knowing it can sustain critical operations day in and out. 

Building for Tomorrow: Planning for Future Storage Needs

As data centers are at the forefront of technological advancements, it’s imperative to be able to scale with the needs of clients, especially as the digital landscape changes. Having room for future expansion to accommodate the growing needs of clients is a key factor that sets data centers apart. Moreover, if customers know their demands can be met without compromising performance or disrupting their ongoing operations, they can rest assured knowing their chosen data center will proactively invest in the infrastructure to grow and meet those demands. 

At 165 Halsey Street, we remain agile and responsive to emerging technologies and ensure we have the space needed to integrate the necessary infrastructure to position ourselves at the forefront of innovation. We streamline our workflows and optimize our operations to provide efficient and reliable services to our clients, prioritizing our partnerships with our customers for the long term. 

Choose 165 Halsey Street as Your New Jersey Data Center Provider

By investing in robust infrastructure that includes ample fuel storage space, we ensure uninterrupted power supply during those critical moments when it matters most. At 165 Halsey Street, we meticulously design our data center operations to provide exceptional customization, scalability, uptime, and reliability. We enhance the reliability of our operation and safeguard against unforeseen power outages to meet the demands of our clients consistently and with ease. 

Above all, we understand the importance of these seemingly small details, and our attention to our storage area is no different. Our New Jersey data center offers a comprehensive range of features and unmatched services that earn the trust of countless customers. Experience the power and reliability that sets us apart.

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