When you choose to colocate offsite, you choose to have a third party take care of the most critical aspects of your business. Therefore, it’s essential to know that the security standards of your colocation service live up to the standards of your business. Data center security is defined as the virtual technology and physical practices used to protect a data center and your organization’s data from internal and external threats. Let’s take a closer look at how data centers keep facilities secure.

Physical Security:

Physical security on the outside of the data center is crucial to keeping the data inside safe. The building needs to weather all types of threats including, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and industrial disasters. It’s also crucial that the building itself is secure. Security teams should be at each facility entrance to make sure they know who is coming and going. From the cleaning crew to the IT staff, access is critical to keeping your data safe.    

 Keeping Your Data Secure:

The goal of data center security is to keep your hosted data safe and private. To do so, data centers take measures such as data backup and recovery, data encryption and using the most up-to-date data privacy regulations. The first step in this process is network security. IT teams install firewalls to secure network traffic right at the point of entry.  Next, the team focuses on server security which is a little more complex. It is crucial to follow industry standards to ensure complete server security with 24×7 monitoring, intrusion detection and intrusion prevention. Comprehensive security solutions need to protect all virtual and physical server environments and infrastructure and all web-based applications.

All businesses face the real risk of a cyber-attack. Companies of all sizes are being targeted. That is why it is so important to work with a team you trust when colocating. Data centers hold proprietary and sensitive information, so security is a vital part of daily operations. Data centers and carrier hotels, like 165 Halsey Street, always keep security top of mind to keep our customers’ data safe.