We’re excited to let you know we’ve put together some great new footage of our 165 Halsey Street data center, colocation and telecom carrier hotel. New for 2021, we invite you to take the newest video tour and let us know what you think!   165 Halsey Street is a dedicated 1.2mSF Data Center/Colocation/Telecom Carrier Hotel. Owning and operating a carrier neutral colocation business for over 20 years, 165 Halsey Street presently spans over 360,000 square feet, with more than 110,000 SF of additional space. There are over 1,650 cabinets available in this first-class colocation and meet me room space, complete with NO MRC cross connect fees and direct access to over 60 networks.


Why colocate here? Supported by a variety of important and evolving industries including finance, technology, media, education, and international affairs, New Jersey remains at the crossroads of technology and industry. Colocating allows businesses to focus on revenue instead of managing an on-site data center. It also still allows full control over your own server. Finding the right colocation facility can be one of the best and smartest investments a company can make. Check out 165 Halsey for the next step in colocation.