Towards the end of 2020, many industry leaders and experts began to predict the year’s top telecom trends. With a year like 2020, there seemed to be plenty of innovative trends on the horizon for the telecom industry. As we hit the midpoint of 2021, let’s check in to see what trends are sticking around.


5G made a grand entrance at Super Bowl LIV with a fully interactive experience for the lucky fans that attended the event. 5G offers higher performance and improved efficiency, empowers new user experiences and connects new industries. This technology can revolutionize all industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, and others. 5G is already active, but the telecom industry is already working on innovative ways to carry 5G to the masses. 


One of the main elements of the telecom industry is cybersecurity. With an increasing number of cyber-attacks, telecom industries are putting customer privacy first. We are already starting to see an increase in businesses investing in preventing attacks, tracking threats, and securing their assets before the unthinkable happens.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is significantly impacting the telecom industry. AI software can process data faster and in larger quantities, offering a more productive product and increasing profit. The telecom industry will not only benefit from AI in 2021; with advances in network maintenance, client support and security AI can enhance digital transformation.

Virtual Reality 

Virtual Reality (VR) was causing a lot of buzz at the end of 2020, and it looks like the momentum around it keeps picking up! Until recently, it felt like something that you would only see in a sci-fi movie. Now, companies like Facebook and Google are already experimenting with incorporating VR into our everyday lives. Not only will you be using VR for entertainment, but we will also see it being used in the healthcare and automotive industries. 

The Future of the Workplace

As you can see, telecommunication trends in 2021 are driving the typical workplace into the future. Advances in all the technologies listed above will boost productivity and benefit your business. We are excited to see the industry grow and change!

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