Northern New Jersey…We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

Don’t get us wrong…we’re all about the football,  jazz, and, of course, KC’s smoked barbecue brisket. However, when we discuss options for colocating, Northern New Jersey takes the cake. We hesitate to say location, location, location, but we can’t help it because it’s true! Colocating with us in Northern New Jersey will be one of the best decisions you make for your business this year. If you’re in charge of choosing a colocation service for your organization this year, say hello to an EOY bonus for making such a great decision and saving money. Stick with us, and we’ll tell you why. 

Close to the Big Apple without paying the price

Being close to New York City without paying associated astronomical fees is the best of both worlds. Just as many live in New Jersey and commute to the city, they experience less expensive rents and, of course, a better mass transit system. Similarly, because of the accessibility people experience, colocating in New Jersey is at an all-time high in terms of convenience. Not to mention, the cost of electricity is lower in New Jersey than in NYC. Operating costs, in general, are lower in New Jersey. We like to say colocating in our neck of the woods is a no-brainer. Why? We pass that savings onto you, our customer, and your budget thanks you for it.

Well, what happens if there’s a natural disaster?

Natural disasters are scientifically less prone to occur on the East Coast, and although we can’t control mother nature, we have a clear advantage over our neighbors. Did you know New Jersey data centers sit on a completely separate power grid from New York City, offering an appealing failover or disaster recovery site? During and in the aftermath of 2012’s Hurricane Sandy, several NYC data centers were struggling with severe water damage and utility outages. The situation fared much better in New Jersey, and although many facilities switched to generator power, they remained online.

We see the wheels turning…you want to know how else you can save money, right?

165 Halsey Street doesn’t charge any MRC cross-connect fees. You won’t find that in NYC, and it’s a rarity among our competitors. This safe, convenient and affordable interconnection will continue to be a top priority for our customers. We pride ourselves on being able to offer this to our customers – we know it’s on your list! 

As you’re weighing your pros and cons list, we ask you to consider the following. New Jersey is ranked top ten in the country for connectivity according to Broadband Now and Internet speed far surpasses the FCC’s recommendation, which is something to truly be proud of. New Jersey is a clear leader in the data center industry and will continue to forge the path toward the future of our country’s network infrastructure. If you’re looking to colocate in Northern New Jersey, look no further than 165 Halsey Street. 13 miles from Manhattan, it’s time to experience the renowned low latency our customers boast about. Independently owned and operated, 165 Halsey Street has been working with the same team for well over two decades and understands the needs of our customers and how we can best help them. For questions or leasing inquiries, contact James Fitzgerald