Let’s be honest…You and your IT team are busy. You don’t always have a free hand if things go awry. That’s where we come into the equation. You can focus on your day-to-day and let us take care of the rest. Keep reading for all things Remote Hands – service details, pricing, and FAQs.

What Does Remote Hands by 165 Hasey Street Offer?

Our qualified technicians can…

  • Reconnect equipment
  • Perform routine maintenance
  • Verify power status
  • Diagnose issues
  • Rack and Stack
  • Troubleshoot and monitor

What You Need to Know:

  • We know emergencies come up, but if possible, we encourage you to schedule service ahead of time. 
  • If you will be a regular customer for maintenance, we encourage you to have spares in your cage/cabinet. (165 Halsey Street doesn’t stock every single material, so spares are encouraged in order to rectify the problem quickly).
  • Although our customers are responsible for cabling their cabinet/cage along with the fiber cable that connects to the Meet Me Point, our team can troubleshoot any cables, panels, or modules! 

Pricing Details: 

  • M-F (6am-6pm) – $135/hr min 1 hr, excluding holidays
  • M-F (6pm-11pm) – $188/hr min 1 hr, excluding holidays
  • Any Other Time – $188/hr min 4 hrs

Okay, I’m All in – How Do I Schedule Assistance?:

During business hours, email operations@165halsey.com. After business hours, call (201)-540-8941

Remote Hands are essential to IT operations – you can trust you have the support and resources needed at 165 Halsey Street. Day or night, we have your back. Instead of coordinating with your internal team and rushing IT out to a physical location, all you need to do is make one phone call and rest assured that our team has it covered. Being in business for over 20 years, we know what our customers need and we are here to provide it! We’re confident you’ll love this service.

Have questions about Remote Hands? Contact operations at https://www.165halsey.com/contact/