Connectivity Options

SM Fiber Cross Connect

  • Routed through 165 Halsey Street centralized cross connect location or “Meet Me Point.”
  • Cross connects are a $500 non recurring charge after capacity is installed.
  • NO monthly recurring charge for cross connects.

MMR Request Form: SM Fiber Cross Connect

SMF Cross Connect Disconnect

  • All SMF fiber disconnects must be ordered by the tenant who originally ordered the cross connect.
  • The Meet Me Room requires the signal to be turned down in one direction before the fibers will be disconnected.

MMR Request Form: SM Fiber Cross Connect Disconnect

Meet Me Point Capacity

  • Capacity to centralized cross connect location must be installed before cross connects can be completed.
  • The build is at the tenant’s cost.
  • Tenant will be sent a quote from Century Electric once information is complete
  • Tenant’s responsibility to provide Century Electric with a Purchase Order or alternate means to initiate work.

MMR Request Form: Meet Me Point Capacity

Copper Cross Connect

  • All copper and multimode fiber cross connects are installed in point to point scenario.
  • Each cross connect is a $750 non recurring charge payable to Century Electric.
  • Century will plug these circuits in if port info is accurate and unoccupied.
  • Orders complete in 72 hours.
  • NO monthly recurring charges.

MMR Request Form: Copper or MM Fiber Cross Connect

Fiber and Electric Method of Procedure (MOP)

  • Tenants must complete and submit an MOP before starting any electrical work, fiber splicing, or riser work terminating in the Meet Me Room.
  • Electrical work consists of rectifier installation, DC fuse panel installation, AC circuit installation or any other AC work.
  • MOPS do not need to be submitted for DC circuits run directly off a fuse panel.

MMR Request Form: Fiber and Electric MOP

Any questions regarding 165 Halsey Street cross connects, disconnects, or Meet Me Point capacity, please contact our Meet Me Room Operations Office.