2022 has impacted every industry with high demands and numerous shortages. How is this directly affecting the Cloud and Colocation industry? Read on to see the impact of the semiconductor shortage on the industry and what experts are saying.

According to Vladimir Golabov, head of cloud and data center research at Omdia, we should expect a difficult year for the smaller providers, especially if new services are launching. Additionally, staff shortages are heavily impacting data centers as well. These shortages are likely to push operators to work smarter and embrace a higher degree of automation. In these difficult circumstances, many organizations will be looking at ways to make their existing IT expand and go further.

Golabov is also advising to assess your organization’s needs carefully. Ask yourself if you need a brand new server or if you can get by with a refurbished one –  saving you significant costs on the latest technology. 

Overall, the industry is inevitably impacted but through careful planning and execution you should be able to manage the shortages effectively.