165 Halsey Street’s List of What It Takes to Succeed as a Digital Leader 

Each week we write about our incredible advances in technology, our security, reliability, low latency, and overall what sets 165 Halsey Street’s data center apart from the rest. We have yet to speak about what it takes to get to this point. Who’s leading these advancements? More importantly, what does it take to be a strong digital leader in this age? We won’t bore you with the typical traits like “have strong communication skills” and “learn how to network.” We’re taking it a step further because even if you run digital transformation, this doesn’t automatically mean you are a leader. Especially in this day and age, in order to lead your organization to success during this Fourth Industrial Revolution, you need to possess a niche set of traits that truly set you apart from the competition. Now we won’t give away the secret sauce that makes 165 Halsey a premier telco location in the US, but we will share several traits that aim to provoke thought within your organization. 

A Clear Vision

Enterpriser’s Project makes a strong claim we can’t help but agree with: “Digital leaders define a clear picture that’s shared and understood across the entire organization.” As a leader, you may share your vision with board members, C-level executives, or VPs within the organization, but if that vision is not passing through to the entire organization, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Your entire team wants to be motivated and they need to have clear goals to work toward. These visions may alter over time, especially in this landscape, but it’s necessary for everyone to understand the part they have to play. More importantly, how does that part play into the bigger picture?

Adept at Navigating the Unknown

Ambiguity happens, especially in this digital era. Both opportunities and challenges have emerged from the Fourth Industrial Revolution and in that, the pressure to provide a positive social impact on both community and organization can be substantial. Leaders are forced to make heavy decisions. Do they invest in this specific expensive technology over another to support the infrastructure, or go a different route? Sometimes we may not know the long-term effect and if our investment will be a prudent one. It takes a very specific leader to navigate the unknown waters when scaling, which leads us to our third trait.

Scalability & Foresight

At this point, It’s common knowledge we need to do more than merely jump on the bandwagon. There’s a saying, “Build it and they will come.” This is no longer applicable. It’s imperative we scale in ways that suit the needs of our clients, not just what we as an organization feel is best. A true leader can think ahead and anticipate these future needs. Some of the most successful organizations are scaling in ways that place ingenuity at the forefront. We need to look ahead and anticipate the needs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how we can solve potential problems to get ahead of the game. We encourage you to find industry thought-leaders and attend events that will spark inspiration. When it comes to data centers, in particular, having a strong leader that sets the organization up to grow quickly when needed is key. Organizations depend on 165 Halsey Street and it’s on us to ensure they thrive.

165 Halsey Street prides itself on delivering excellence to our clients. Our executives lead by example. If you’re interested in how we can best help you with colocation services, speak to one of our agile leaders here or call James Fitzgerald at 212-708-6741.