Data center security is one of the most aspects of a carrier hotel or colocation facility. As the building holds mission-critical information, the security of data is vital. With cyberattacks and data breaches becoming more common, taking security seriously is one of the top benefits of a data center. Here’s what to look for.

Physical Security in a Data Center

There are many aspects of physical security to look for in a data center partner. Access to the data center itself should be fairly limited, with relatively few access points. Checkpoints, interior and exterior cameras, and alarms should also be part of the facility. Access lists, where only authorized personnel are permitted, is another portion of security that can be expected. In some instances, physical security may also include security guards.

Virtual Security

The ability to manage and monitor data center services remotely has never been more important. Hacking, spyware, and malware are all threats to a data center, but being able to monitor in real time makes the difference. The network should have secure zones to layer virtual security into a data center.

Certain tools may be used to scan code and applications before they are deployed. The goal of this is to look for easily exploited vulnerabilities. After the scan, solutions can be provided to resolve the issue. As cloud computing becomes more common, having visibility into data flows is a necessity, as malware could be hiding inside traffic.


Another aspect of security, beyond physical or virtual security, is that of redundancy. An extra layer of equipment, storage, or even personnel could make the difference if the primary source fails. Heating, HVAC, water, power, generators, and telephone lines are all utilities that may be redundantly enforced. 

Many facilities have redundant internet access to different carriers, which allows customers the choice in determining the best security solution for their needs.

Because data centers hold proprietary and sensitive information, data center security is a vital part of daily operations. Data centers and carrier hotels, like 165 Halsey Street, always keep security top of mind to keep our customers’ data safe.