Datacloud USA: Supply Chain Disruptions & 165 Halsey Street’s Unique Position

Datacloud USA is known for “the newest event of its kind for the US data infrastructure market: connecting decision markers from across data center, cloud, edge HPC, content, big tech as well as region and international enterprise.” Following its debut in mid-September, Datacloud USA has been deemed a huge success. Keep reading for the common theme and how 165 Halsey Street is in a unique position to assist.

Supply Chain Disruptions

Supply chain disruptions and the digital infrastructure ecosystem was the hot topic surrounding the conference — specifically on what’s happening around the country with a focus on Ashburn, VA and Dominion Energy. Customers need space immediately but are unable to receive a commitment for another three years down the line. This power crunch has raised doubt about what the future of this industry is going to look like as power limitations continue to rise. With the metaverse on the rise, the demand is higher than ever and uncertainty looms. Companies are taking power ten years down the line because they aren’t sure if power companies can supply them. Although energy companies are committed to providing a solution, time is truly of the essence. 

What about customers looking for just 5 MW of power? Insights show they are unable to find a provider in VA that can provide that to them straight away. If there is availability, most are unwilling to give 5 MW away, at least without a larger commitment down the line. We know there is a growing need for data centers all over the country and the world for that matter, especially when we consider what the metaverse will require of us. What about consumers in our neck of the woods, in Northern New Jersey and the surrounding NY Metro area? What can 165 Halsey do for them concerning the supply chain?

165 Halsey Street is in a unique position given how much power we have to offer right here, right now. We currently have 18 MW available and will not turn down a customer asking for 5 MW. Customized solutions are a top priority. 165 Halsey can custom-build a space that suits your needs, providing immediate connectivity without cross-connect fees, all within close reach to NYC. Plus, there is no waiting for 30+ minutes on hold with customer service trying to get in touch with someone. We are here for our customers 24/7. 

Pursuit of Excellence

In pursuit of excellence, all of 165 Halsey Street prides itself on strong customer relations management. This aspect truly sets our offerings apart. All 165 Halsey Street clients have a direct relationship with the owner. We pride ourselves on customer service and customized options. Considering the current climate, 165 Halsey Street is in a unique, special position and ready to deploy today.

165 Halsey Street can get commitments in place now.  To speak more with us on how we can create customized solutions for your organization, reach James Fitzgerald at or call (646)-234-2092.