Ultra-low Latency, Increased Bandwidth, and the Edge: What Will It Take?

Last week we spoke about the metaverse: what it is, what it isn’t, and what it could become. If you missed it, take a glance here to get up to speed before we take it to the next level! We’ll cover what metaverse development means for the data center industry and how there are still so many unknown factors.

One thing is for certain: for the metaverse to truly live up to its expectations, it needs to be available in an instant to people all over the world at the same time. The next crucial piece to the puzzle? Everything needs to be extremely fast, without lag. We’re talking virtually zero latency and a massive amount of bandwidth needed. With these two requests combined, is this a possible feat? Let’s dig in. 

What Needs to Change?

The infrastructure set in place now simply does not have the capabilities to provide the all-encompassing experience the metaverse wishes to provide to millions of users simultaneously. Where is the power coming from? Will there be lags in response time? Who has access? Since the digital infrastructure currently in place is physically unable to support the metaverse, what needs to change? 

Equal Access

For starters, everyone needs to have equal access. According to DCD, Ensuring equal access by building high-speed internet around the world beyond major urban areas must be essential in the metaverse to make it an equitable technology.” What else needs to happen in the next few years? A dramatic increase in edge computing. Instant feedback is necessary for the metaverse, so increasing data centers at the edge is the next plausible step, according to industry thought leaders. What do you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts. 

Consider the Environment

Let’s say the industry discovers an attainable solution within the next five years. There’s a crucial factor here we haven’t yet discussed today: sustainability. If the data center industry can complete a power overhaul to accommodate such needs (including proper cooling which is an enormous energy consumer) we’re looking at a massive strain added to our carbon footprint. Our industry is currently working on ways to go carbon neutral, so this change must be environmentally sustainable in the path toward #greenerdata.

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