When searching for a data center solution, it’s important to know which option will be the right fit for your business. If your company is looking for a data center that is housed on-premises, requires robust security and supports data for only your organization, an enterprise data center might be the right fit for you. If you are interested in managing your own data center, you need to consider geographic needs, price, security requirements, scalability, and the knowledge of your staff. 

What is an enterprise data center?

An enterprise data center is the best fit for a company that has complex connectivity, needs intense security and unique power needs.  Usually, the data center is owned and operated by the company and is often built on-site but can be housed off-site. Enterprise data centers are managed in-house by your internal IT team. This type of data center focuses on network security and reliability for your specific business.


  • Allows for high levels of security – Since the data center is located on your business’s property, you can control who has access to the facility.
  • Compatibility with unique network needs – When building out your data center, you can construct it perfectly to your space and your company’s needs.
  • Facilities maintenance in-house – with the data center being managed on-site, your facilities team will be able to ensure that your data center is running smoothly. From the cooling system to the installation of new racks, your trusted team will be able to handle this while at the office.


  • Cost of Ownership – Building and maintaining a data center facility can be a financial burden. Specifically, if your business does not have a large budget for IT. Moving to an off-site colocation center will help reduce the costs of managing your network on your own.
  • Potentially Outdated Technology – Technology advances quickly, your IT team will need to stay up to date with the latest network and security needs and have the budget to be able to make these timely updates.
  • Communication Delays – With the data center being centrally located and all employees being on the same network, there is the possibility for delays if there is too much network traffic. If an issue arises, that could mean your entire business could be affected if the network was down.  

If the budget, IT staff and technology updates are any sort of worry, then an enterprise data center might not be the right fit for you. Choosing the right colocation partner is the best option that allows expert staff to help identify your deployment needs. Off-site colocation allows you to focus on your business and revenue instead of worrying about your data center. Searching for the right colocation facility can be one of the best, and smartest, investments a company can make. Check out 165 Halsey for the next step in colocation.