The telecommunications industry keeps the world connected and powered. From private communications to business interactions, it has become weaved into our daily lives. As our world has continued to grow and adapt, so has our technology. With all of these innovative changes, the threat to the cybersecurity landscape has also changed. The rise of cyber-attacks specifically against the telecom industry are soaring with an increase of attacks by 45% since 2015.

Protecting the telecom infrastructure is far from easy. The industry understands that no threat can be tackled in isolation, and that threat actors will continue to exploit vulnerabilities in adopted technologies to achieve their goals. 

The most important factor in any corporate security strategy is a comprehensive solution, providing high levels of business process and data protection together with wide-ranging security capabilities to fight advanced threats. No matter what your IT infrastructure consists of – desktops, servers, information systems, data centers or virtual machines – you need a security solution specifically designed to deliver optimum security levels to all components.

Through our colocation and interconnection services, 165 Halsey Street can help businesses  enhance and/or adapt their security strategies. 165 Halsey Street connectivity solutions give our customers a robust and diverse network while maintaining convenient, safe, and affordable interconnectivity.