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As part of our six-part blog series on network security, let’s focus today on our first challenge: Evolving Attack Vectors

Malicious people and organizations use a variety of methods to attack individuals and enterprises. With each attack more sophisticated than the prior, there are three main types of attack vectors that lead to various types of cybersecurity breaches:

Phishing Attacks A phishing attack occurs when a malicious person(s) attempts to impersonate a legitimate person or corporation through an email that asks the user to provide critical data or information needed to access certain accounts.

SQL Injection Attacks Structured query language (SQL) is a programming language used to deal with back-end databases and applications. If a company web developer creates an application where the user can interact with a database to add information—and does not take proper precautions—attackers can easily perform a “get request” or “select request” function, which dumps the entire database so they can harvest sensitive information.

DDOS Attacks

Distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks impact information availability and occur when a malicious person(s) creates a slew of traffic requests on a website at once in order to crash it or severely cripple it for a set amount of time. Many websites are still not equipped to handle the kind of traffic that attackers can harness using botnets, making these sites highly susceptible to DDOS attacks.


Training of employees is critical in order to educate and increase awareness on common hacking methods used to put valuable data at risk. Much damage can be prevented with education and ensuring proper prevention systems (such as DDOS protection from web hosting companies) are in place to thwart these kinds of attacks.

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