How a Large Roof Area Ensures Data Center Dependency

While a large roof area for cooling and generators is an essential component of data center infrastructure, it’s not typically known as a main factor that distinguishes a colo provider from another. Today, our New Jersey data center is here to delve into the importance of this often-overlooked feature and why it matters for businesses like yours. Let’s explore how this seemingly simple aspect of ample roof space makes all the difference in ensuring reliability and the success of your operations. 

An Ample Roof’s Role in Cooling

Although roof space differs between data centers, a large roof area to accommodate the installation of cool towers, chillers, air handling units, and any other cooling infrastructure is imperative to regulate the temperature within the data center. By having a large enough area of a roof, you can strategically place the cooling systems to optimize airflow patterns within the data center. 

An improperly designed cooling system on a roof can cause severe issues on very hot days. When hyperscale data centers are at full capacity and have trouble cooling their systems down, some use a roof hosing technique where hoses spray down the air conditioning units on the roof itself. You may see this technique in use in mostly dense urban areas. 

Moreover, we learn from Sophia Flucker, Data Center Consulting Director, Operational Intelligence that, “It might get you out of a fix on a very hot day, but you are possibly shortening the equipment’s life,” as it can lead to build up on scale on equipment due to hard water. Proactively ensuring you have enough roof space for cooling equipment can mitigate the risks of overheating.

Reliable Backup Power

While many data centers do have backup generators in place on the roof, the true advantage lies in strategic placement and scalability. As a premier colo provider, we accommodate generators of significant capacity and ensure there is ample power supply. The positioning of these generators allows for proper airflow and easy access to maintenance, unlike generators tucked away in tighter areas. 

Although backup generators are a first defense use in a rare emergency situation, contingency planning should always be a priority to ensure that your backup generators can run for an extended period of time, even though in most cases they aren’t needed for more than a few hours. Similarly, beyond planning, another important factor to consider is if your data center has enough roof space to scale with future growth. As infrastructure grows, do you have the flexibility to add more backup power? Entrusting a colo provider with your mission-critical infrastructure requires having confidence that your provider is doing everything in their power to ensure uptime. 165 Halsey Street provides our customers with reliability and peace of mind. 

Choose 165 Halsey Street as Your Large Roof Area New Jersey Data Center Provider

At 165 Halsey Street, our data center operations are meticulously designed to provide exceptional customization, scalability, uptime, and reliability. A key aspect that sets us apart is our careful use of roof space, which plays a critical role in cooling and housing backup power. We understand the importance of every detail, and ample roof space is no exception. Above all, our data center facility in New Jersey offers a comprehensive range of features that make us the premier choice for businesses like yours. Discover why countless customers choose us as their preferred New Jersey data center provider.

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