When you’re looking for a data center facility, the features and benefits that set apart a data center from a premier data center make all the difference. Just like when you are searching for the perfect home, the layout has to be perfect! You should always look for a data center space that offers large floorplates for many reasons that include future planning opportunities and keeping your data safe. 

Large floorplates in the data center industry refer to large, expansive areas or sections in your data center’s layout that offer users significant square footage, which benefits your data center operations in various ways. Learn more below about the five reasons that large floorplates and heavy floor loads are crucial to your data center experience. 

Space Efficiency is Important

Large floor loads provide data center space efficiency for vast amounts of computing equipment, including servers, networking infrastructure, cooling systems, and power distribution units. Large floorplates also provide ample space to accommodate these components, while allowing for efficient arrangement and organization.

The larger space also opens up opportunities for increased airflow and cooling, which supports efficient airflow management to maintain optimal data center operating conditions. Large floorplates also open the door for better cooling systems with raised floors, hot/cold aisle containment and overhead cooling. 


Scalability is so important in today’s world to meet the ever changing demands of data center clients. As technology advances and data requirements grow, data centers must expand their capacity. Large floorplates provide the necessary room for future expansion without requiring major modifications to the existing infrastructure. At the same time, these large floorplates provide: 

  • Equipment density to meet future computational and storage needs
  • More space for additional server racks, storage systems, networking devices and other equipment
  • Layout flexibility for design and data center infrastructure
  • Future growth design abilities
  • Larger infrastructure support (more on that below)
Infrastructure Support

Large floorplates allow for Infrastructure support for operations that include cabling, power distribution, cooling systems, and fire suppression. This also provides for efficient routing of cables and positioning of equipment.

The most important infrastructure support that a large floorplate provides includes:

  • Robust power distribution for numerous servers, network equipment and other devices. 
  • Ample space for more power distribution units (PDUs), electrical panels and transformers. 
  • Cooling infrastructure setups that manage efficient airflow 
  • Adequate cable management space throughout the data center
  • Dedicated space for backup power and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units and backup generators without sacrificing floor space for equipment. 
  • Space for security and monitoring systems to keep your sensitive information secure at all times. 
Accessibility and Maneuverability

Maintaining accessibility and maneuverability with large floorplates allows for the movement of large and heavy equipment such as servers. There is also more space available for technicians and maintenance personnel to move around comfortably and efficiently to access equipment and make upgrades and repairs to ensure smooth operations with no downtime. Large floorplans also provide for future equipment expansion and help with a data center’s emergency preparedness plan in the case of an emergency that requires room for emergency personnel and evacuation procedures of people and data center equipment. 

Large areas also make it easier for the extensive cabling needed to connect and interconnect devices and systems, allowing for proper cable management of routing, organization and segregation of cables. Accessibility and maneuverability are also important for minimizing cable congestion while increasing airflow and cooling. 

Security and Redundancy

Security and redundancy are critical infrastructure that houses valuable and sensitive data. This infrastructure, though, requires a large floorplate to operate successfully and efficiently. This infrastructure needs open access for physical access controls, surveillance systems, and security personnel. The larger floor space also allows for redundant systems for power and cooling to minimize downtime and increase efficiency. Think of needing a larger floorplate to accommodate systems that protect your data against unauthorized access and offer continued uninterrupted operations while guaranteeing levels of uptime and availability. 

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