As people continue to connect their daily lives to the digital world, it invites unwanted complex and delicate issues with the technologies they depend on. This leaves telecommunications companies always searching for “the delicate balance.”

What is the delicate balance exactly? It’s the balance between the ultra-convenient experience customers expect and the robust information security deemed necessary, which can seem restrictive and cumbersome even though it’s for our protection. Now more than ever, it’s hard for companies to deliver both, and when they fail in one aspect or the other, relationships always suffer.

Consumers love the convenience of online shopping, social media and digital apps that bring the “right now” and comfort to many aspects of their lives. Companies, eager to please,  continue to raise the bar on digital services, designing cross-channel experiences with the ultimate goal of customer loyalty. The race to provide the fastest and most useful solution, however,presents some problems.

The biggest threat is security. The more that we seek to create a digital world, the more attacks we’re vulnerable to through our social media to even checking into a hotel room. As companies strive for effortless experiences for their customers, the biggest question remains is can they also keep them safe from the technology underworld?

In a world where customers feel entitled to immediate access to everything, heavy-handed security measures that delay gratification can test their patience and their loyalty. The ultimate goal for companies, of course, is to deliver the best of both worlds — an uncomplicated, rewarding user experience backed by robustness while retaining much needed security. But how do we do that?

It’s about give and take, balancing the fields. Companies must test, learn, and grow in order to maintain security and privacy with accessibility.