AI’s Exponential Role Within Digital Infrastructure Security

It’s hard to believe we’re almost halfway through Q1 2023. Not too long ago, we were wrapping up the trends of 2022, but as we happily move beyond the holiday lull and swing back into high gear, our eyes and ears remain open to industry chatter. 165 Halsey Street has been busy supporting our clients, custom-building data center solutions, and prepping for our upcoming participation at some of the top data center industry events. Everyone wants to be on top of the next ground-breaking technology that will change the game. We don’t blame you! If you’ve been listening to the latest panels and live broadcasts, it’s safe to say you’re hearing more about AI’s fascinating capabilities and, more specifically, its growing role in security. 

How is AI positioned to impact digital Infrastructure and data center security in the future? Keep reading to find out.
Now You See Me

You can expect to see an increase in technology evolving to combat both physical and cyber-based attacks. With that will come an increased adoption of AI-based tech. What can we expect to see? According to Security Info Watch, “2023 will see significant adoption of AI-based analytics in cameras and VMS as more manufacturers provide this feature within their standard camera lines. There are simply too many camera streams for humans to monitor effectively, so AI-based analytics will be a catalyst that enables security departments to do more.” With efficiency top of mind, we look forward to learning more about this trend as technology evolves. 

Zero Trust on the Rise

Since the zero trust methodology was required to be implemented by 2024 for federal entities, organizations across industries have become keener on this idea. With incredible AI capabilities on the rise, one can argue that it arms cyber criminals with additional tools to do their bidding, just as it allows the cybersecurity heroes added capabilities to take them down. Either way, new technologies will continue to emerge to ensure that digital infrastructure is heavily protected, each transaction is protected, multi-factor authentication is enabled, and clients can trust that their data remains safe. 

Meshing artificial intelligence with cybersecurity may seem daunting. The marriage of these two provides organizations with the opportunity to better allocate precious human resources. “Embedding artificial intelligence in cybersecurity solutions offers a more proactive approach and a constantly evolving feature.” Although much is uncertain in these times, we know one thing for sure. The future of the data center industry is ever-bright. With evolving technology and the addition of brilliant minds to lead our efforts, we’re excited to see what’s to come. 165 Halsey Street remains dedicated to our clients and the safety of their data. 

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