You’ve heard a lot about 5G, but what about 6G? As many of us are getting accustomed and have access to the 5G network, when can we expect the sixth generation of cellular networks? In this blog we’ll discuss what 6G is, what features it may have and when we can expect to start using the 6G network. 

What is 6G?

6G will replace 5G, but not just yet. 6G is currently still in the research phase. Throughout 2020 and early 2021 investments were being made to make 6G become a reality. Companies all over the world began putting funding into 6G research. Increasing expectations from industries and consumers, combined with new advanced technologies being developed, has caused the expectations for 6G to be very high. But how can we have expectations for something that has not been created yet? 

What will 6G Offer?

Future cellular networks will affect virtually all parts of life, society, and industries, fulfilling the communication needs of humans and machines. The increasing expectations set a clear target for us in the industry and research community. This next generation of wireless technology is expected to bring even faster speeds, lower latency and more bandwidth to instantly deliver massive amounts of data across decentralized, intelligent networks.This will significantly increase productivity and drive new opportunities in automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT).

When will 6G Arrive?

Although research has already begun, 6G is not right around the corner. It is estimated that 6G will be released in 2030 or later. As 6G gets further developed, we will be sure to update you along the way. For now, let’s all enjoy the 5G network and as always, reach out to the 165 Halsey Team with any questions pertaining to your business connectivity!