Over the last ten years, technology has evolved drastically. From Artificial Intelligence (AI), the expansion of social media, smart devices, and self-driving cars, the decade was full of rapid changes.

2022 has already led us to a wave of top technology trends and innovations, from the rise of 5G networks and social robots to a bigger push for clean energy, and where does that leave us next? As technology is growing faster than ever, businesses and individuals that do not keep up with the following tech trends run the risk of being left behind. So what are the top trends to watch for?

1. AI as a Service

AI is one of the most revolutionary technology trends and makes headlines almost daily. Did you know that five out of six Americans use AI services daily in one way or another? Navigation systems, streaming online services, smart home devices, and more all contribute to the wonderful world of AI.

With the increasing use and need by different industries, AI is being used to schedule flights, forecast business risks, assess maintenance, improve power efficiency, and much more, indeed paving the way for a smarter, more efficient future.

2. IoT- Internet of Things

Multiple “things” are now emerging through wireless internet connectivity. What does this mean exactly? It means multiple “things” can be connected to the internet—and each other. Hence, the namet the “Internet of Things”, or IoT for short.

IoT already enables devices, appliances, cars and more to be connected to and can be shared over the Internet. This technology also allows tighter security and efficiency. This ensures better decision making for businesses as information is collected and analyzed. How can this improve our lives? It can enable forecasting maintenance, speed up healthcare, improve customer support service, and numerous other benefits for every other industry. During the remainder of  2022, the possibilities of IoT are forecasted to shift to augmenting and automating how we as people experience the connected world.

3. The Healthcare Industry

Great strides continue in the healthcare industry. It is truly amazing the things humans have accomplished with technology.  Something as simple as utilizing our smart watches to receive data about our lifestyles is providing medical professionals the ability to forecast and treat possible health issues even faster.

Some American insurance companies stated in early 2019 that they wish to stop selling traditional life insurance and will rather adopt interactive insurance methods that can track data about fitness and health via wearable devices and smartphones. This means the medical history of every patient will be tracked and considered by insurance companies only when the risks associated with their lifestyle and habits are determined.

When it comes to treatment, this will help doctors create a more personalized treatment plan, thus propelling the healthcare market forward in 2022. 

4. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR)has long been an excitement for many — especially for gamers. Did you know there are many other uses for AR? A study predicts that the ARmarket will grow to nearly $50 billion. It is being explored by many industries including entertainment, medicine, education, fashion, and more!

Named as one of the most fascinating top technology trends in recent years, AR is only now being applied to real-life situations and possibilities. Apple has finally adopted AR with a groundbreaking integration into its iOS operating system, seamlessly allowing immersive visual content to be a part of everyday browsing. Even in healthcare, this revolutionary technology trend is helping in reconstructing tumors in 3D so surgeons can view x-rays in real-time and avoid any harmful radiation exposure to the patient.

5. Cybersecurity

Although not a “trend,” cybersecurity is still on everyone’s radar. As technology advances, hackers continue to become more and more sophisticated. Businesses and individuals suffer by the millions each year. This is why it is vital to ensure cybersecurity is constantly evolving and that each business is taking proper precautions to protect themselves and their customers’ information.

As we push through 2022, we look forward to new and emerging technologies and trends. Stay tuned!