As we head further into 2022, the demand for data centers continues to grow. Driven by the pandemic where the need to work from home remains vital where possible and the demand for technology, it’s easy to say that there’s rarely a dull moment in our digital world.  

While many parts of the world have resumed normal operations, some parts of the world have slid back into lockdowns and remote work environments. This is still affecting how data reaches consumers. Many big tech companies are trying to keep up and here’s how they’re doing it:

  • Automation – as the scale of data centers steadily increases, the total capacity that needs to be managed will far surpass the capabilities of humans. In the foreseeable future, robots and AI will become an advanced, necessary tool. A fully automated center will reduce operational costs. See more: NetOps vs DevOps: Bringing Automation to the Network
  • Sustainability“going green” is more than just a buzzword. Many large companies are setting bold initiatives to become carbon negative by the year 2030. This will require organizations to examine everything from energy production, water usage and more. Some data centers are experimenting by installing massive-capacity batteries from companies like Tesla to boost the use of solar energy.
  • Enhanced Security cyber threats grow more imminent daily and attackers continue to target data centers—thus forcing new and innovative safety measures in place. Google introduced chip security several years ago and has since open- sourced the project to deliver this security level to the entire industry. Project OpenTitan will be available to the technology world in 2022 and beyond.

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