The Two 2022 Takeaways That Prove to Provide Insightful Lessons 

As we begin to plan for the coming year, we can only do so effectively and efficiently when we reflect on the year that has passed. Triumphs. Challenges. Trends. Developments. Supply. Demand. You name it, and the data center market has seen it this year. Fortunately, 165 Halsey Street hasn’t skipped a beat. We are continually in a unique, highly advantageous position given how much power we have to fill and our ability to get commitments in place and do so quickly.

Adapting to Change

Although we pride ourselves on a successful 2022, we always have something to learn as we are committed to constantly improving our services for our current loyal customers, along with anticipating our future customers’ needs. Two major themes have emerged in 2022 that we deem necessary to reflect on as we wrap up 2022: relationship building and problem-solving. Analysts note a “strong need for even more relationship building and collective problem solving to emerge from this economy hardened from any future downturns.” 

Relationship Building

Building relationships takes time. It’s not something that can or should be rushed or faked. Individuals pick up energy rather quickly and know if someone’s intentions are pure. Did you know that “86% of customers with an emotional connection are more likely to continue doing business with you in the future?” The same goes for your partners and suppliers in building a relationship based on trust and communication. Several key important factors here involve being open and honest when it’s related to discussing deadlines, inventory, timelines, and making decisions. It’s important to remember you are on the same team and share a common goal. 

Problem Solving

The true importance of real-time decision-making has grown exponentially this year. With the tumultuous supply and demand issues facing other parts of the country, it’s no surprise that the ability to laser focus and innovatively manage stressful, complex situations is a key determining factor that deemed organizations successful this past year. This skill is a trait most claim to possess, but 2022 has been the year of practicing what you preach. We’ve seen it put to the test and into practice countless times across the globe this year. 

Remarkable Resiliency

In the end, it’s all about resilience. It’s not so much a matter of avoiding any possible interruption as we know world happenings will continue, but rather it’s about how strong we are and how we can bounce back. How do we anticipate, prepare, and manage the unexpected with ease? At 165 Halsey Street, we have a notable history as one of the premier telecommunications locations in the country. We will continue to adapt to the needs of the landscape and maintain resiliency, stability, scalability, and strength in perpetuity. We encourage you to learn more about our history here, and keep on the lookout for our future blog on emerging trends for 2023!