Happy New Year! As we enter 2018, there has never been a time more critical to focus on the latest challenges and opportunities for network security. In late 2017, we featured a blog series on network security, and continue with another post today on “Control via the Cloud.”

With the cost of a single ransomware occurrence at $713,000 on average, companies today cannot afford to NOT have cybersecurity protection. And with the technological advances made by the cloud, these businesses should also be taking advantage of the cloud.

Why? Explore these benefits of using the cloud for security:

  • Software is managed and upgraded offsite (automatic updates)
  • Lower hardware costs due to the only requirements being an internet connection and browser. Buying and constantly upgrading servers and other hardware is unnecessary.
  • Need for a large IT staff is reduced
  • Many cloud service providers claim to provide higher levels of security and uptime than typical networks

Read more about the benefit of the cloud for your network security, and download the full eBook here.

Make 2018 the year your business is more than ready than ever to tackle network security challenges.