While size is likely what comes to mind when we hear the word “Hyperscale,” the most defining feature is scalability. After all, the entire reason companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have these in-house facilities is the need for reliable and fast data at scale. Scalability goes beyond the physical internal structure. Hyperscalers must utilize the extended network that other data centers offer via colocation to meet demands at scale truly. 

The Future is Hyper

To provide a little context, not only has there been a steady increase in the number of hyperscale facilities being built, it seems that trend will continue upward. Global Market Insights projects that the hyperscale market will increase to nearly $65 Billion by 2025, proving that enterprise-level businesses will continue to invest in on-premise solutions. From overall financial benefits to bringing a more sustainable option, hyperscale facilities prove to be a near all-around win for those who have the capital (and need) to invest in standing these centers up.  

Where Colocation Fits In

While built with excess capabilities, creating a hyperscale site often isn’t enough for the long term. If scalability is the name of the game, these centers must be ready to scale up and down as their business demands fluctuate. The best way to provide this level of fluid support is to partner with colocation data centers. By doing so, these hyperscalers are able to seamlessly meet the needs of their growing business without any lapse in service or latency. Not only must they be able to expand into other markets, but they must be able to do so quickly and efficiently. These colocation centers serve as additional arms of the main facility thus extending its reach and overall deliverability. 


The need for hybrid approaches like this provides excellent opportunities for centers that offer colocation services. In addition to the surface-level value in partnering with a company like AWS or Google, there are also underlying business benefits. Gaining a hyperscaler as a colocation partner isn’t as simple as one might think. Companies of this stature deliver top-of-the-line connection and service from their facility and expect that of any potential partner centers. Securing a partnership with a hyperscaler provides an unspoken seal of approval in the industry, essentially announcing that your center can deliver service that is up to its standards. Partners of this scale often also end up becoming a center’s anchor tenants, accounting for a large portion of their leased space. 

The rise in hyperscale facilities combined with their need to handle future growth and expansion presents a great opportunity for any data centers offering colocation services. Off-site colocation makes it easy for better focus on your business and revenue as you eliminate the worry about your data center. Searching for the right colocation facility can be one of the best and smartest investments a company can make. Check out 165 Halsey for the next step in colocation.