Providing low-latency connections to organizations and reducing network costs, a meet-me room is a vital part of data centers and carrier hotels.

What is a Meet-Me Room?

A meet-me room (MMR) can be easily described as a gateway to the Internet. It allows reliable, quick, and cost-effective connections between building tenants. These “tenants” can be internet service providers (ISP), cable and e-commerce companies, and local exchange companies. Organizations with high bandwidth needs can benefit from MMR, as it distributes traffic at a low cost.

A Meet-me room, like those at 165 Halsey Street, is a physical space found inside a data center. The room is outfitted with cabinets and cages that contain switches and servers with thousands of connections. These spaces let telecommunications companies install equipment, promote network connections, and utilize all of the cost-effective solutions for security and back-up power.

This physical connection in a MMR is what allows the transfer of information between computers all over the world. Without it, people would only be able to get to sites hosted by their own ISP. It is a small, but important part of any data center’s infrastructure.

What are the benefits of a MMR?

As a carrier-neutral data center, facilities with a MMR like 165 Halsey Street offer a wide selection of network providers for tenants to choose from. Having more options for providers improves overall redundancy, flexibility, and optimizes connections.

Meet-me room benefits include:

  • Reduced Cost: By connecting directly through a MMR, carrier bypass loop charges. High bandwidth connectivity can be accessed by users directly inside the MMR, meaning there’s no need to travel outside of the data center to get to a telecommunications facility.
  • Lower Latency: MMRs offer high-bandwidth, direct connections. These connections keep the number of network hops to a minimum. The fewer network hops, the lower the latency.
  • Fast Expansion: MMRs are a great way to offer more fiber options for tenants. Carrier neutral facilities can bring even more carriers to further expand their choices.
  • Security: MMRs are secure, monitored areas inside a data center that often cannot be visited without an escort. Muli-factor authentication is a must with 24/7 surveillance. Because of these precautions, security breaches in meet-me rooms are incredibly rare.

Meet-me rooms are a small, but vital part of a carrier neutral data center like 165 Halsey Street. They act as a crucial element for uninterrupted Internet exchange and ensure that data is being smoothly transmitted.