It’s well known that technology trends, especially around the Internet of Things (IoT) are driven by edge computing, AI, and the promise of 5G. Society is constantly moving closer to a fully connected world of autonomous vehicles, smart homes, and more. 

The Internet of Things is an overall term that describes a concept where everything connects to the Internet to transfer data. For the home, IoT plays an important role in healthcare, education, and making homes “smarter.” In business, it can look like remote monitoring, automation, and smart supply chain management. For industrial applications, IoT can look like a smart city, where everything is connected.

But what does this look like for 2021?

IoT and Transportation

Most of the new cars coming to the market in 2021 are Internet-connected. This level of connectivity means greater safety for everyone on the road, better vehicle uptime, and lower emissions. IoT will also be utilized in fleet applications, such as coordinating bus schedules or keeping track of e-scooters and bicycles.


In the world of manufacturing, IoT technology is better known as Industrial IoT. The industry is already using AI for process optimization, advanced analytics, and more. It allows the ability to extract a large amount of real-time data and make it into something usable and easier to understand. Manufacturing relies on IoT for sensors and other connectivity technologies to improve their processes. This connectivity will grow with the industry.

Healthcare and IoT

The use of IoT in healthcare during COVID-19 surged. The demand for telehealth, remote monitoring, digital diagnostics and even robot assisting became commonplace. This will only continue to grow into 2021 and beyond.

Smart Cities

A study in 2019 showed that 75% of organizations were investing in smart building control systems, and it’s only increased from there. Every day, there are more innovative solutions for connected buildings that increase productivity, reduce operational costs, and improve security. 2021 and smart cities bring the opportunity for town planners to improve urban planning, transportation, and public safety. Communities can then use data to improve citizen safety, ease traffic congestion, and so much more.

Although most of the predicted trends for 2021 are upgrades of existing technology, IoT technology is quickly becoming the standard for advanced solutions. It is taking over almost all aspects of life. With the increase in the volume of data, the edge will become even more important for the future of computational strategy.

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