When it comes to connectivity, data centers have you covered. There are numerous connection types and options available. This includes interconnection services and the ever important cross connect.

What Is A Cross Connect?

Businesses are always looking for ways to improve network performance. A better network means great customer service and offering employees a fast and reliable network. Looking for a smart, easy way to upgrade your IT infrastructure? Consider cross connecting.

In short, cross connections are cables that physically connect two different termination locations. The goal of this connectivity solution is to create a more robust and diverse network. As an example, a cross connect can connect your colocation rack to a specific service provider such as a telecom carrier, cloud provider, or ISP. Typically, these lines will run above colocation racks and into a Meet-Me Room (MMR).

The Benefits of Cross Connection

Reduced Latency

Cross connections are important. For a business, there isn’t any worry of latency or congestion like what can be found on the public internet.  There’s no provider between a business’s network and the carrier to which it is connecting. Due to the connections being private point-to-point, cross connects avoid the public internet altogether.

Increased Reliability

Cross connections are more reliable and operate at consistent high speeds. This type of connection reduces the potential for network failure as well. As an example, if the data center cross connects directly into a cloud service provider, a lot of complications are removed. There is no worry about what may happen when a customer attempts to access the vendor’s network.

Lower Cost

Another benefit is that cross connection is less expensive than a standard connection through telecom networks, especially when it is compared to the bandwidth it provides. It also removes the potential of financial loss for any downtime a network may have experienced without a cross connect.As data demands continue to increase, cross connect data centers like 165 Halsey Street have become the go-to solution for improving connectivity, reducing latency, and giving businesses more flexibility and better options. Check out our connectivity solutions today!